Six months ago I posted my first video on Instagram @sarahlondonstyle and since it’s introduction, my three and a half year old lifestyle page has evolved into one of pure style 😎 .. it’s funny, my intention remains the same, “to be grateful, feel good, and share what I love” but the direction from what I thought it would come has changed. No more plant based recipe posts, no more workout motivation, no more interiors inspo … just style. And the wonderful thing is, its changed organically. I’ve never had so much fun, felt more authentic, or had more engagement. And now I find my page is not just for me, it’s grown 🙏🏻

“The Maggie” Maggie Lam Blue Wonder in Ivory Wrap Dress

I call my page Sarah London Style and not Fashion… for a reason. Fashion, to me, is the current trend, and it comes and goes seasonally. Yves Saint Laurent once said “Fashions fade, style is eternal”. Which is true. Don’t get me wrong, I always like to keep my eye on what’s out there, but our Style, that should be the focus, as it’s the manner or way we dress. And knowing your own can be the difference between wearing something once or for 20 years. So, yes, while we all like to know what the latest look is, the idea is not to jump on it, it’s to take a piece of it mindfully and adapt it to our own way of dressing. There’s a huge difference. Everything I style on my page, whether it be in fashion or not is done so my way, the Sarah London Style way. I know my style. And while my style is not for everyone, what I do hope is that people will love an element of what I present and make it theirs. Which then organically creates their own style. It’s something every women should have. Because when you know your own style, (and you do in fact own it) you will wear your wardrobe eternally. And that is something I love!

A Kidz Wardrobe Snakeskin Coat

One of my IG page’s aims is to share style mindfully by showcasing second hand, small, local brands and boutiques. I’ve showcased some new designers this month including New Zealand Textile Designer Maggie Lam and Brisbane Dress Designer I Love That Necklace. What an honour both have been to style. Maggie was the first person to reach out to me, and ask if I would wear her label 🙏🏻 so her dress, which I call The Maggie is something I will treasure forever. It’s not only beautiful, (as you can see by the picture), it has immense sentimental value and you know how much I love that! Leisa from I Love that Necklace is someone who trusted me to take three of her own designs and make them mine. That’s pretty trusting, since her label’s aesthetic is quite different to my own. But I think that’s what people like, to see someone like them put it together is very different ways.

I have also begun to discover new boutiques and share them. A Kidz Wardrobe in Ivanhoe is one. Introduced to me by a follower and it’s owner, I now proudly have of a couple of pieces that I am really happy with. This boutique is a small, single business that carries an abundance of Australian and imported brands for ladies of all shapes and sizes at a reasonable price point. I’ve been told it’s an Aladdin’s cave of treasure and I can’t wait to get there and see it for myself. Shopping like this is exciting! It’s an adventure of discovery. Which is why I called this new ongoing series BOUTIQUE DISCOVERIES. I really want to open peoples eyes to the gems they may find in the smallest of local shops giving them an fresh alternative to the “cookie cutter” pieces found in larger shopping centres. I’ve also created another ongoing series called PRE-LOVED DELIGHTS. Based on my love of thrifting, it really is the most wonderful way to make a financial difference to others and environmentally to the planet. It’s the ultimate sustainable shopping option! So please follow along…

I Love That Necklace “Annina Dress” in Tea/Black

And so, there goes October and the last 6 months of vlogging. What a blast you’ve been! Infact, Instagram, and those who follow along, you have both been my saviour during lockdown! Thank you 🙏🏻. And now, as Melbourne starts to open up, the weather improves and my reality no longer requires me in my wardrobe, you may find me in it less. I will remain loyal and shop those businesses and brands I love. I will continue my love of sharing style on my blog and page. I will mindfully promote my love of second hand, small and local. And still make videos along the way. But my free #giveback promotions project will now come to an end. It takes a great deal of time and effort to do this, and my spare time now becomes more precious. I have a few ideas of how I would like SLS to move forward. So I’ll ask the universe for these, knowing that in doing so it will all unfold naturally. And that makes me feel good. 😊

Sarah x

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