Write your own story…

… and trust the universe to deliver it 🙏🏻 My transition from lockdown to my new normal has gone surprisingly well. Actually, I’m not surprised, because if you’re like me, you ask or write the story of how you would like things to be….. and I always like thing’s to unfold organically in the right direction, and at the right pace, which is how this month has been. No hurrying, no feeling pulled apart, just ease and flow, all in the direction of feeling great (and I managed to play more in my wardrobe than I thought).😊

Peacock Bloom Wrap Dress by Zia Lozen

My love of discovering and promoting brands that align with my philosophy of shop small, shop local and being mindful about both continues and this month I was incredibly blessed with collaboration opportunities. Zia Lozen http://www.zialozen.com.au is a luxe brand I featured over 3 days in my Boutique Discoveries series. Zia’s clothing is designed and made with a sustainable focus, here in Melbourne. Her colour palette is exquisite, her prints fresh and feminine and the silk fabric she uses feels fabulous. All this culminates in a luxurious label feel without a hefty price tag. Hers are clothes worth investing in as they are timeless and will be worn again and again in my wardrobe over many years. They actually fall under the mantra “buy once, buy well”, one I’ve adopted from HRH Prince Charles. To me, this means asking myself before I buy anything, will I have this in my wardrobe in 5, 10, 20 years? Will it wear well? Wash well? Outlast a trend? If the answer is yes, chances are you will only need to buy it once for a very long time. This is true Of Zia Lozen. It is true too of Australian linen label Hut Clothing http://www.hutclothing.com . I became a supporter of Hut, before they started supporting me. The cut of their Boyfriend Shirt defines casual chic, and that its organic linen is pre-washed to avoid shrinkage, that it softens with wear and somehow still manages to look so darn cool every time it’s on makes it the perfect “buy once, buy well” piece, …. although it’s available in so many lovely colours, you may want to buy a few.

And not all purchases have to be new. I’ve showcased designer recycle boutiques, second hand sites and op shops this month. Shopping this way is a genuine love of mine, and has been for the last 40 years. So it’s only natural to encourage others to consider joining in the fun. There are such treasures to be found in pre-love shopping, and it’s a sure way of finding something you genuinely adore without the marketing hype telling you what you should like..

Pre-loved brooches 💕

“Buy once, buy well” …as I was repeating this in my mind, out came “live once, live well”… and my mind has taken me back to lifestyle, the very reason I started this page nearly 4 years ago, and to my very first Sarah London Style Instagram post ever:

And so, after very little thought … and because it’s ultimately what makes me feel so good, I’ve decided to launch an Instagram page called Sarah London Lifestyle. Dedicated to everything (other than styling clothes 😉) that does in fact make this 50 something woman feel great in her life, it’s really just a scrapbook of pics and motivation for me, no IGTV, just feel good snaps … but follow along if it’s your thing…

It’s really when I’m my happiest.. no makeup, no style, just exercise and sea air 💙

At the beginning of every year I write a list of things I’d like to achieve during it. And while 2020 has lead to many items on it being transferred to 2021, an important one has recently been ticked off. Number 5 read “to work 3 days a week”. While I work 2, my magic work number is 3. I know this because anymore and life becomes chaotic, and I am in fact pulled in different directions and any less, I’m looking for ways to fill the day. So what a wonderful surprise it was when Nicholetta from The House of Nicholetta asked me if I’d be interested in working a day a week for her in her boutique. And I’ve got my little styling page to thank for it… isn’t that wonderful? All this styling during lockdown (making good use of my time when I couldn’t work) ended up with me being offered a casual position for the day a week I was after. So don’t be afraid to write down what you want in life (and as we are nearing the end of the year, it’s perfect timing to consider new beginnings) and then trust the universe to deliver it…. I’ve already written the story of what I’d like December to bring 😉

In the doorway of The House of Nicholetta wearing Anannasa Taj Dress

(btw… a few other biggies on my list were manifested too)

Sarah X 🙏🏻

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