A little bit about what lead me here…

Hello Ladies and welcome to my blog. I’m more a natural talker than writer, so please forgive any grammatical errors that I’m bound to make… I’m just hoping you find the message in this more important than how it’s being written. And what is that message ? Well, ladies, it’s all about how I made the change to start feeling really really good. With myself, my life, and my everyday… despite outside circumstances…. and it all started a few months before my 50th Birthday nearly 4 years ago.
I like to think I’ve always been reasonably upbeat, but turning 50 is a milestone and while the thought of it wasn’t particularly daunting to me, all I seemed to hear was “oh my god, you’re turning 50… how do you feel?” implying that I was old, and that I had already experienced the best years of my life….both the opposite of upbeat and feeling good. And it really got me thinking… how do I feel? Certainly grateful that I was here (one of my favourite quotes is “ old age is a privilege denied to many”)… but what I wanted to feel was better than just grateful, I wanted to feel good! 

Being aware of this was my starting point, and having Oprah as an integral part of my 30s and 40s, I began rereading many of the books from guests she’d had on the show. Cheryl Richardson, Ilanya Vanzent, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra … you name them, I got my hands on their books. But one book that wasn’t new to me and a book I had always kept on my nightstand…. was Sarah Ban Breathnach’s “Simple Abundance” .. this is a life changing book about gratitude and before children was something I lived by (but like many women who have young kids, you get so busy with their lives that you neglect your own) so it sat there for many years untouched…until I was 50 and I was lead to it once again and this time I made a change. Instead of writing down things I was grateful for each day, I started posting a pic about what I was grateful for, what I loved about my day, or what caught my eye onto a public Instagram page. Three and a half years later, I still think of the page as a scrap book of moments I love in my day….. and it’s why I’m beginning this blog.. to share more.. more of what I love, because sharing makes me feel good 😊




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