Colour as a FEEL GOOD….

Isn’t it funny how things we often write about affect us more than what we talk or think about ? That was the case a couple of blogs ago when it came to talking Black and White with Cindy and Jennifer. And boy am I grateful for that 🙏🏻 because it really got me thinking about how these colour choices in my wardrobe make me feel. (And yes, I know black and white aren’t technically colours 😉)

I’ve always loved colour, and the way it makes us feel when we look at it and cover ourselves in it. I personally love green! It’s been my favourite colour since I was a teen (before that it was chocolate brown 😳… which explains my 1970s Burnham Beeches wall mural). Most people have a favourite and (I think) favour it in what they surround themselves with and even wear. Back in my 40’s and early 50’s with young children, I wore a lot of black (because it was easy) and often punctuated it with green (I’ll never forget wearing my emerald green Juicy Couture tracksuit and matching Nikes when meeting my kids at the school gates 😂). I refer to this stage in my style life as my “rock chic” phase, because any excuse to get out of the house “ dressed loud and proud” was my idea of fun fun fun! I wore a lot of black and I thought I was very chic and cool 😎 But now my youngest child is about to leave school and I’m nearing another milestone (55), I find myself reflecting on this colour and style choice. I still have many of these well worn pieces in my wardrobe and am now asking, do they serve me like they use to? Because if they don’t, why am I holding onto and wearing them just because I have them? ….especially when they no longer make me feel good.

As I’ve aged, I’ve changed. My idea of fun, fun, fun is no longer as loud, I shy away from making wardrobe statements and head to toe bright colour. I feel like I’ve done that and it’s no longer who I am or what I seek. I’m far more relaxed, and a more natural, organic way of dressing, where being deliberate in what (and from whom) I choose to buy and hence “wear” makes me feel good! With age comes this wisdom if you let it in 🙏🏻 And with my years, my skin has also changed. It’s no longer as olive and plump as it use to be, the bags under my eyes have darkened (these I inherited 😐) and the wrinkles continue to emerge. While I happily accept this external badge of ageing (I am just so truly grateful to be here), I do look after myself on the inside. I exercise regularly, eat well (I’m plant based), I don’t do caffeine or alcohol and I sleep well ( the positive side effect being I have few peri-menopausal signs). So while I see others fighting what naturally occurs by attempting to reverse the external ageing process, that’s just not me. I don’t want that pressure and I certainly don’t want to send that message to my daughters! So I’m wondering if there are colours I can wear that will give my face a natural lift and glow? Colours that will soften the lines and accentuate the positive just like style can. If so, I’m sure wearing them will not only make me look great, they will make me feel great too! And knowing that black definitely is not my friend, its time to take stock, reassess and begin what I’m calling my:


(Which has me thinking this whole blog/ Instagram page could be my crisis 😂)

To simplify things, I’ve removed the “rock chic” black (the juicy couture is long gone) from my wardrobe and popped them in a spare room (there was a time when the house wasn’t big enough… now with only 1 child at home, it seems too big). This spare room is now my home studio, complete with lights, cameras, sewing machine, over locker and it’s very own WIR 😉, which stores garments in several categories:

  1. Vintage pieces that rarely get worn but will never be given away (think Grandma’s fur coats, Grandpa’s suede jacket 😉),
  2. Garments that I’m keeping for my daughters 💕,
  3. Pieces that suit me but may need to be altered or repurposed; and
  4. those I’d like to sell !

This overhaul has even worked its way into a short five part Colour Series on IGTV, where I looked at the remaining colours in my wardrobe that I wear during the Winter months and asked, do they suit me? And how do they make me feel? Indulgent I know! But it’s aim, and this blogs is to get you thinking about your own wardrobes and how the colour choices you wear make you feel. Navy, Teal, Olive and Tan are definitely my go to colours. The latter being more of an accessory than a garment (and something I’m going to stick to). I secretly love the idea of a boot and matching bag in every shade of brown😉 I also looked at Gold (knowing it suits me, I removed the silver). But what has been the biggest revelation are the colours red and coral. Never in a million years would I ever consider these as colours I should wear more of. I like them but have never really looked at them with favour. The red I suit is a warmer red, and I own very few pieces in it. I’m not sure if I’ll deliberately seek the shade out, but I am open to it if there is a style that suits. But coral… this colour I only have one Winter item in! and it was bought on a whim on sale last year 🥰 and now I find myself obsessing over it. It’s soft, feminine, romantic, and the absolute opposite of rock chic black 😂 ….so watch this space!


While I have always focused on finding my own seasonal colour palette (by trial and error), using IGTV as a medium allowed for an influx of comments and opinions from you all. Thank you! But what I have discovered thanks to yourselves and the kindest follower Vicky @stylepixie_consulting is that I actually fall over 3 seasons. Vicky is a qualified colour analyst, makeup artist, personal stylist and hair dresser! If you are on Instagram, give her a follow. Her colour stories are sublime! And I am beyond grateful for her generosity for gifting this to me. And without giving away too many details of what she does (she fully explained why I can wear 1, 2, and 3), I am primarily a “Warm Autumn” and since these are the colours I have, love and feel good in, it will be what I will focus on from now on.
Here they are:


And I’m beyond thrilled to now have this palette on my phone whenever I go! (Vicky actually sent me a more detailed one, but I won’t divulge her trade secrets 🤐). From my wardrobe, to my studio, to out and about, I now have an accurate updated version of “go to” look good colours! (BTW… this was done virtually from photos without makeup, so feel free to contact her if you are interested in having it done!) It really is incredibly satisfying to have my questions answered! I know which seasonal colour palette I am and why! This is such a FEEL GOOD! So there you have it, my colour journey so far (the abridged version anyway… I could ramble but won’t), truth be told, I feel like it’s really only the beginning of my wardrobe overhaul anyway 😉

Sarah xx

SIGNATURE STYLE: Resort Wear 101 🦀🐬☀️

How exciting is this months “Signature Style” ? Resort Wear! The very sound of it conjures up walks along the beach, reading by the pool, sleep ins, dinners out, and if you are like me… a little holiday shopping ☺️ I wonder what it means to Cindy from Cindy Hattersley Design and Kim from Northern California Style? Be sure to press the links at the end of my post for further inspiration 😉

And what it conjures up, and what you plan to do, is really how you should pack! That way, you can pack light when you travel. All I need is a small carry on suitcase and a multipurpose tote for 2 weeks away in the Sun ☀️. That way I always return with everything worn 😊 … And my little secret to having the perfect resort wear is colour coordination (or mix and match as some call it). I’ve even been known to pack by a colour palette (I’ve packed Whites, Blues and Brights in the past – see “Brights” pics above).

For walks along the beach I will pack one activewear outfit (something I can easily hand wash and dry in my room each day) and a casual trainer (make sure you wear them in beforehand). Choosing a simple white pair can double up as a day shoe with dresses, as well as be your travelling shoe, so as to reduce the bulk in your suitcase. And chances are I’ll be barefoot on the sand anyway 😊

Reading by the pool will require a fab swimsuit, hat, sunglasses and sarong. I currently own two one piece and usually alternate each holiday. I have one in black/white and another in red. With these I have opted for a high neck but I love the idea of an off the shoulder with tummy control, like the one below. I have a great neutral packable wide brim hat that I wear whenever in the sun. It has a bendable rim, allowing it to be worn wide or curled like a cowboy hat. Very cool 😎 Glasses are also a must to shade the glare and again a neutral can work with anything. I particularly like these sunglasses from Vilo Australia, it is a small sustainable Australian Wooden Frame Sunglass Company who ditch the plastic, have a sunglass recycling and a give back program … OMG! I want all these 😆

And a simple carry on scarf can double up as a sarong (or is that the other way around).. not to mention, the Bec from Get Robed could also be worn out to the beach bar in the evening as it comes with robe ring and tie. And as it’s easy dry, could even be used as a towel. I do believe investing in such a piece that can be used as all of the above is definitely a worthwhile investment! Something else for my wish list!

Sleep ins, dinner’s out and holiday shopping are what fill the rest of my case except for sunscreen and minimal toiletries – I don’t wear much makeup when away, just mascara and a lip to cheek 💋. (It’s actually a great opportunity to give your skin a chance to breathe and even indulge it with some spa treatments!). I must say I do love to spend time lounging around on a beach facing balcony, reading, writing and sipping tea…so I always include a cotton dressing gown in my sleepwear. Just like this one on Etsy… and as it is a Kimono, it can be styled as a duster over loose pants and singlet too ☺️

And then we come to dresses, my favourite item to pack! But I always keep some space for a new one (or two) that I may pick up while I’m away. Nothing too formal, just breathable, airy and cool 😎. And I always include one WOW dress when I pack, for that extra special evening out! And I adore my pink kaftan below! It’s old season and a one size fits all (AU 8-14), but the brand is Miss June Paris and they are available worldwide💕. Here are a couple of inspirational ones available from some Ethical Australian Brands that ship worldwide:

In addition, I always take a pair of havianas (mine are a rose gold), a pair of open toe slides (in tan – keeping them neutral, they will work with everything) and a low espadrille heel sandal. And one clutch. And that’s all I really need for a week or two at a resort 😉 now I have my packing sorted, I just need somewhere to go 😂 but perhaps Cindy and Kim will be travelling soon? Why not find out, by pressing the links below…



Black and White 🖤🤍 …

Wow! I’m just so excited to be joining Jennifer from A Well Styled Life and Cindy from Cindy Hattersley Design to talk all things style in Black and White this month. I’m a novice when it comes to style blogs, so be sure to read what they have to say after you’ve read mine 😉 not to mention, they certainly know a thing or two about style!

I must admit I jumped at the idea of collaborating with these two bloggers without even thinking about the topic… BLACK and WHITE … hmmmmm 🤔 Those of you that know me know I don’t do black! Which is surprising since we Melbournians are known for it being our uniform. When I say I don’t do black what I really mean is that I won’t buy it anymore. There is something about it’s cool tone and formal air that no longer appeals to me. I prefer warmer colours, because they appear more relaxed, which suits me and my lifestyle. However, I still have some stunning older pieces that I do wear on occasion, usually softening them by adding olive, tan or cream to the ensemble. Now 🤍 WHITE 🤍on the other hand, I will wear in all shades and it is one of my go to colours in Spring/ Summer, along with a little fake tan 😉 But black and white together… that’s something I haven’t styled up for ages… so here goes!

My secret weapon to feeling fab when wearing black and white is great hair and a bright lippy 😂 The hair I’m pretty happy with achieving myself, the perfect red lipstick is still a work in progress! But here are three different black and white outfits I do have and that I do wear, with fresh hair and a red lip 💋I think they all work on me and this is why:

Picture 1: polka dot dress- this outfit is softened by the use of a floaty chiffon fabric in a relaxed tiered style. In this fabric pattern, the white polka dot softens the block black and diffuses the contrast between the two. Being a small scale spot quietens the dress as do the loose sleeve and open collar. It’s not stiff and formal. And while the white trainers are probably the sharpest part, a current casual elegance is still achieved. Workwear ready!

Picture 2: wool jumper, cotton shirt and leather pants- while the colours sharply contrast, layering the black and white from top to toe, breaks the block colours. The scoop hemline, and the rolled neck add soft lines. And the cropped pant allows for a much needed pop of skin. Contrasting textures of the wool, cotton and leather, give it a natural edge, and even the espadrille sneaker with its row of sisal in the heel contributes. And wearing this as opposed to a boot, creates a smart yet relaxed chic ensemble. Definitely an everyday way to wear B&W!

Picture 3: pants, cape and snow leopard blouse- the solid black of the angular pants are broken by the curved hem of the cape. Tonal and in silk, this floaty blouse with its organic pattern diffuses the sharp triangular shapes of the wide leg pant and cape. Leaving the cape open, softens the outfit even more by exposing the design in the centre as well on the sleeves. While the open neck and long cuffs are still formal, it looks approachable not stiff, classic but chic. And boots not shoes add an edge! I’d only wear this to a formal event!

These outfits aren’t current and they range from 12 months to 7 years old. They’ve all been worn before… but if you do like them, here are some lovely alternatives, $$$, but gorgeous ☺️ ( I like to think of them as buy once buy well). 😉

If you’d like to see how these clothes move on me, watch this introduction to a video I have posted on my IGTV (the rest you can see on Instagram) :

Now be sure to pop on over to read what Jennifer and Cindy have to say on black and white :



Sarah xx

A deliberate pivot …

Peponi Hotel, Lamu circa 1995 facing Shela Beach complete with Dhows 💙

I can’t believe that I’ve already published 12 posts on this blog (and on May 11 it will be 12 months since my first IGTV 😉) What started as a “feel good” narrative on my styling journey is now a lovely way to share my shop small, shop local, shop Australian business message to a wider audience. But what I’ve found doing both, is that as my style evolves, my message does too, and it’s time to reflect on what that was, is and will be…. 🙏🏻

You know I like to wear my clothes repeatedly (aiming for at least 30 wears a garment), I have many pieces that are very old, I buy new items for the long term (knowing I want to be wearing them for years to come) and when I do buy I look for quality fabrics and well cut garments in timeless styles. And while I’m hesitant to use the words “sustainable” and “ethical” about my style (I prefer mindful 😉) I can honestly say these words are now at the front of my mind and have been for a while. Last month I purchased a pair of jeans which (I thought) was neither, and although I love how they look and feel on me, I didn’t really like the way they made me feel when I bought them 🤔 So I decided to do some some research, and I discovered that the company I bought them from, is in fact a lot more caring about the planet than I thought. Their story respects human rights, sources responsibly, and addresses living wages in their offshore factories. In fact, they have so much information on their site about how they have and are making sustainable and ethical decisions that it got me feeling good about the purchase… which has me thinking that I should adopt this approach too!

So while reflecting about last months shares, I am thrilled to say I featured a sustainable and ethical brand. Frockk is a small Australian company, who design here but have their garments ethically made in the villages of Bali. They support a wonderful group of sewers, talented fabric printers and dyers who all work comfortably from their homes, not factories! Frockk sustainably source natural fibres, with a strong focus on linen (the ultimate sustainable fabric) and produce limited quantities, making their designs unique. Their colour palette is muted and their styles are ageless. All of which results in a beautiful product that you will wear for a lifetime. I was lucky enough to meet with the owner, Kathryn, in her small boutique and then share two skirts in my studio. Aren’t they lovely? 💚💚

Another wonderful brand I shared is Ali Lamu 💙. Although not Australian, they are distributed in Australia by Esplora. Ali Lamu is a hand and heart made company that recycles dhow sails into bags and paints them (truly sustainable) all by hand. Each item is bespoke, unique and ethically made in the village of Shela on the small island of Lamu off the Kenyan coast. So far, I have a pouch, a clutch and a tote, although I’m sure my collection will grow. I adore the handcrafted up-cycled element, not to mention the heartfelt message on each, plus, it’s where I honeymooned (see top photo.. not the best, but it was pre-digital 😂). So when I use these bags I am transported back to a beautiful place and time. Trust me when I say that these bags are just as magical as the location they are made (Shela Beach is by far, the most beautiful unspoiled beach I have ever been to). We are so lucky to have companies like Esplora who roam the planet to find such treasures and share them with us 🙏🏻

And these two sustainable and ethical brands are examples of what I would like to “deliberately”share from now on. Of course I will remain loyal to those small businesses that have supported me from the start, but I will be more inquisitive about their stock. So now, I find myself editing my shop small, shop local message from my intro to add these questions: Where are these clothes made?, by who? and are they paid fairly? And if the answer “feels” right with me, I may just purchase and share. It’s a deliberate pivot in my “feel good” direction 😉

Sarah xx


I’m super excited to be joining Cindy from Cindy Hattersley Design and Kim from Northern California Style on this month’s SIGNATURE STYLE. These women are not only superior interior stylists (you should see their homes 😍), they also have an incredible sense of what looks good on them and what they like to wear. And while their personal styles differ to mine, I do find myself oohing and aahing over clothes they wear, looks they put together and their style suggestions 🙏🏻 So it’s such a treat to chat Spring dresses with them both….in my Autumn 🍂

To be honest, no matter the season, I could talk dresses all year long. They are, by far, my fave garment in my wardrobe. But not just any dress, I lean towards the long dress, not the formal ball gown but the casual looser kind. So much so, I got married (actually I eloped on a Kenyan beach) in a linen midi dress. I adore most styles of midis (where the hem hits at mid calf) or maxi’s (where the hem hits the ankles) these include kaftans, the shirt dress, the wrap dress, the strapless, the off the shoulder, the empire waist, and the kimono. They all have my attention and pride of place in my wardrobe. In fact, every time I’m out and about and walk past a shop window I can’t NOT look to see if there is a dress in it I fancy 😊. And while I really have no need for any more, I unapologetically will never promise that I won’t add to my collection. Why? Because they are my “go to”, they get worn most days and that is how we should shop… for what we wear most days 😉

Custom Made Linen “Wedding” Midi Dress circa 1995

My current Spring/Summer Dress Collection stands at 45 (including my wedding dress). Sounds like a lot, but I have been wearing (and hence) collecting them for a while. That’s the thing about maxis and midis, if you choose carefully, they become timeless (just look at my 1995 dress above). They transcend trends, are stayers in your wardrobe and get repeatedly worn. And gosh, I love that! But instead of showing you what I have (you can see that on Instagram), I thought I’d share what is currently on my radar for SS21. New brands and businesses that I am currently looking at and that ship worldwide! I haven’t bought from any of these (yet), but when I feel the need … I may 😉 and you may notice a colour theme 🤍

It’s no secret I love linen and I’ve admired Seaside Tones from afar for a while now. This highly successful global brand was established in Poland in 2015. The Australian arm Seaside Tones Australia followed in 2019 and their garments are available from local stockists. They offer high quality ethically made garments in natural fabrics (but mostly Baltic linen). Below are three dresses that have caught my eye…

A style I’m quite well known for wearing is the patterned maxi. I have so many! These I pick up on my travels as well from a couple of small local boutiques. However, as my style evolves, I find myself leaning now towards simplicity. A quieter look and feel in which the cut of the dress speaks volumes and not the print (this also increases the chances of a dress being timeless). Below is a dress from Indecisive the label. This brand caught my eye in 2020, and I now have myself drooling over them in 2021. Established in 2015 this brand is sustainable and their products are made in Australia 🙏🏻 again, the design epitomises casual chic. No styling needed… superb, isn’t it?

My obsession over the white Spring/Summer Dress isn’t new.. I filmed an IGTV about earlier this year (below is the intro), and if you have time you can pop on over to my Instagram and scroll down to February 4 to see the rest of my Collections episode on White Dresses… you may just notice that there isn’t a white linen 😉

I really hope this has you thinking about the Spring Dresses in your own wardrobe and really looking at the styles, colours and patterns you repeatedly wear. This may help you establish an idea of what you should be looking at adding and also what you need no more of. Doing this, will help you only purchase those dresses that will get worn repeatedly and be with you for years. Now why now pop on over to see what “Spring Dresses” Cindy and Kim love…

Cindy Hattersley Design

Northern California Style

My Top 5 Spring Picks from Down Under !

What a buzz it is to put the SLS spin on Spring Style Inspiration (in my antipodean Autumn), by joining stylish US bloggers (in order from the photos above 😉) : Eugenia (The Age of Grace), Mary Ann (Classic Casual Home), Kim (Northern California Style), Cindy (Cindy Hattersley Design), Rhoda (Southern Hospitality) and Annie (Most Lovely Things). And my spin is to introduce you to 5 small Aussie brands or businesses that I love, frequent and wear in Spring (and beyond as Melbourne has a temperate climate) and they all happen to ship worldwide!

And these are in no particular order of adoration 😉

1. Hut Clothing – the shirt

I’ve been wearing the Hut Clothing Linen Boyfriend Shirt for a few years now and am happy to say I have a few 😊 I am a size AU8 top (US 4/UK 8/EU36) and wear an XS or S. These are a must have in my Spring Wardrobe. The brand was created by the gorgeous Donna (and Marc) who have a lifetime of fashion industry experience and simply wanted to make quality, classic and casual styles for the Australian Woman! And they succeeded 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. It’s no secret that I adore Linen (although the Boyfriend Shirt Style also comes in cotton) and the fabric in this shirt is super soft against the skin and incredibly easy to launder (as it’s been pre-washed to prevent shrinkage). The style has an oversized fit, is wide, loose and relaxed. It has chest pockets (great for hiding a bra), long sleeves with a button tab and a scooped hem. And it’s available is so many colours 😍 I style it in so many ways. Sometimes I’ll front full tuck, sometimes half front tuck, sometimes no tuck. Sometimes I knot it at the front. Sometimes I’ll roll and tab the sleeve, sometimes I’ll do what I call the “Linda Wright”, sometimes I’ll button it at my wrist. All of which you can find on my IGTV 😉

2. Kiitos Living By Design – the pant

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Maria’s Greek Linen or the beautiful Maria! Her lifestyle store and brand bring a joy to everyday living 🙏🏻 And so worth a visit to get you in the “Spring” frame of mind… You can see my fave Kiitos pants in Navy in the pic on the right above. It’s called the 620 Pant and I also have them in Army (below left) and Stripe (below right). Trust me when I say, once you own a pair, you will go back and buy more! They also come in black, white, beige, mustard and rust! Again, a stunning linen that is soft and so easy to launder. Again, RELAXED… (I think you are getting a pic of how I like to feel when I dress). They come in a size S/M (AU 6-14) M/L (AU 14-18) and L/XL (AU 18-20). I wear the S/M and am a AU10 bottom (US6/UK10). And because these pants are wide in design at the thigh and have a soft stretchy elastic waistband, you really can’t go wrong with sizing! Linen really is such an amazing fabric, especially as you age. It’s cool, absorbent in the heat, it’s sturdy, timeless and because it’s generally worn loose, extremely forgiving 🙏🏻 You can see me style these pants all over my IG account as they really are a staple in my wardrobe… …oooh and they are stylish… so much so, I’m currently considering adding them to my wardrobe in the beige 😉

3. DEED Bags – the tote

Hand made in Melbourne, these bags are bespoke! They are handmade with a big heart in the small home based studio of the super chic Emma 😍 Initially designed as a stylish alternative to replace single use shopping bags, they have grown to become so much more than this in my wardrobe! To me, they are the perfect tote! Available in a large range of fabrics (all of which is saved from landfill by being sourced from dead stock, off-cuts and end-of-runs), each design is unique and made in limited quantities, which makes some limited edition! What I love is that each is embellished with the DEED bag twist of the perfect ruffle, bow, pom or heart😍 in fact, you can contact Emma direct and have your own designed! In addition to the sustainable feel, with designer appeal, with each bag sold Emma donates $1 to the education charity Ardoch, of which she is a Literacy Ambassador 🙏🏻. There is a wide range of designs and I’m sure you will find the perfect Spring option in the DEED bags collection. From hearts to bespoke and everything in between, I have a few in my wardrobe (you can see the luxe in the pic, above left, which I take to the supermarket) and when I can, around the world because as PRETTY, PRACTICAL, KIND bags … they really are my “IT” bag ! But remember they are the wait will be worth waiting for!

4. House of Nicholetta – the maxi

Spring is the time to start thinking about one or a few fabulous dresses! I adore the longer styles, the midi and the maxi. And in the warmer weather they are my “Signature Style” and my “go to” boutique for these is The House of Nicholetta. Nicholetta has a particularly good eye for finding printed boho inspired pieces. And I always seem to find one or two I love from them! One such brand is Miss June Paris. Designed in Paris and with registered designs, you will get a style that is unmistakably them. Usually in sheer fabrics and with slips, each dress also has a mini and blouse version in the same fabric. So if the longer style isn’t for you, there is always a wonderful alternative. Another stunning brand Nicholetta stocks is Greek Archaic Kori. And again, shorter and blouse versions are usually available in the same fabric design. I love the way this style makes me feel with the change in weather… chic, relaxed and ready to welcome the sun! And while both labels are only available from small local boutiques like House of Nicholetta (who ship everywhere), these brands are also available from others worldwide 😉

5. Talamaya – the everything

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t wear from this lifestyle label. Developed with an extensive fashion background on her resume, this yoga teacher has cleverly designed a brand steeped in wellness and sunshine 🙏🏻 and that is how it feels when it is on. I don’t want to accessorise it, I simply want to connect with the way it feels. As luxe loungewear, each garments composition prioritises organic and natural fibres. The styles can work alone or you can layer with other pieces in the collection to create trans-seasonality. Which makes it the perfect Spring addition to your wardrobe! Early spring may see you wearing an oversized Daily Catch Cardi over the Seascape Organic Breezy Pant and matching High Low Tee (LOOK 1) only to be replaced as the sun warms mid season with the Beach Break Poncho over the Seascapes Organic Flow Pant and Swing Singlet (LOOK 2). All have a relaxed fit and are incredibly soft against the skin. When I wear anything from this small Aussie Brand (that has an LA connection 😉) I just want to kick off my shoes, slow my pace and be one with the air, wind, sea, sun and sand. It takes me to where I am truly happy 😊

And on that note, why not find more Spring Style Inspiration by reading what these lovely ladies have to say:







SIGNATURE STYLE: Sneakers – a soft shoe worn for sports or casual occasions; a trainer.

I call them trainers, Cindy calls them sneakers. They really are the same thing. Trainers, sneakers, plimsolls, runners, joggers, kicks… and there are probably a few other names that refer to what Cindy Hattersley and I will be talking about this month in “Signature Style”.

This style of footwear has obviously been around for decades! But interestingly, it wasn’t until late 2017 that I finally got on board with the above pair of Stan Smiths (the first pair of Stan Smith trainers was launched the year before I was born, 1965). I’m not sure why it took me so long to wear a white trainer again, perhaps it’s because I wore them so much as a teen myself (anyone remember the Dunlop volley?) or that in the 80s women embraced them for the commute to work only (then popped on power heels once there) ? or even that my own teenage children were wearing the very same brand at the time 🤔. Whatever the reason, since putting this pair on my feet over 3 years ago, I’ve become a convert ! Initially because of the comfort factor, but more recently because my lifestyle has changed. It’s never been so relaxed and casual. And this is the perfect shoe option for just that, (As Balenciaga’s CEO Cedric Charbit said “sneakers…they blend nicely with the way we live” 😉), plus I do believe a pair of trainers/sneakers (you choose what you wish to call them) do make whatever we wear in midlife look and feel fresh. And that is certainly a good thing!

So what do I wear my trainers with? I’m definitely a dress girl and think nothing looks more modern than a maxi (or midi) with a clean crisp trainer. I also love them with my linen pants, with my jogger pants and jeans. I also wear them with skirts. In fact, I don’t think there is anything I wouldn’t wear them with. Infact, I took my silver pair with me (in a small black bag) to a Wedding recently, where I took off my killer heels and donned them for dancing. So much easier and so much fun, not to mention a great idea!

In my own collection, I now have quite a few pairs. A mix of looks, from laces to loafers and beyond. Mostly white or off white, I find they work with so many outfits. I wear them most days, and in every season, alternating the colours and styles so I don’t feel like I’m wearing the same ones, which also happens to extend their life! I’ve bought from small and large businesses and a couple from below are still available. Click here and here to find those 😉

If you haven’t bought a pair yet, or are interested in a new pair, here’s what I look for:
1. I prefer leather, because I find it reasonably easy to keep clean (as opposed to canvas, which I learnt the hard way). I use a household product called Gumption to do this, although I have heard that the Magic Eraser does a great job too!
2. At 163cm (5 foot 4 inches) I like a flat form, which is a flat platform. I like the “bulk” of it, which gives me height and helps balance out my chunky calf. But if you have finer calves and are taller you may suit a lower pair.
3. I prefer mine unbranded, as I’m not a huge fan of large advertising logos on anything, so I steer clear of these. In fact, for the past 3 years I have lent towards simpler plainer styles, and for these I shop around.

But now I am comfortable with my base collection, I’m beginning to step out of my comfort zone and look for more fun additions. You might have spied the fur ones above 😉, these were a recent purchase. Called the Unisa Fulvia, I can’t seem to find them anywhere online… but here’s a video of my styling them in my wardrobe last month.

And if my budget would allow, I’d step further towards cool and choose these chunky wowsers 😮:

Trainers really are a wonderful shoe alternative any time of the year. Perfect now for Spring in the northern hemisphere and for Autumn here in the southern. They are extremely comfortable and so versatile, they go from day to night, from work to play. They are the “it”shoe of the moment and have certainly become a part of my Signature Style… but I do wonder what Cindy Hattersley thinks of them 🤔, press here to find out!

Sarah x

Hello Ladies, welcome to my Studio 😉

The SLS Collaboration Studio, featuring Since I found You

Hello ladies, welcome to my studio! A new concept I launched this month. And I am so grateful to one of my collaborator’s for planting the seed for its creation, my great girlfriend Jackie 😘 for loaning me the vintage mannequin (isn’t she gorgeous? I’ve named her Lady J😉), a little online shopping for my clothes rack and a pre-lockdown dash to source a trusty rug! That’s all I needed (and a spare room) to take my hobby-cum-side hustle to the next level – a small brand 😊 Well, that’s what I like to think I’m doing. Taking Sarah London Style with all its “feel good in midlife vibes” somewhere different, and I’m so excited about where that may be!

So who and what is the SLS brand? Well, it’s simply me 😊 and it’s what I stand for in my wardrobe, on my blog and my social media channels. I’m on all except Twitter 😉. And if you’re a long time reader of my blog, the following will reiterate what you already know. I am a 50 something woman who’s aim is to feel good. And my style has become a big part of that! Not the fancy super influencer kind, but the “I’m stepping out in something that has the shape, colour and style to make me feel good” kind. Everyday style for everyday women somewhere in midlife, all over the world. I LOVE SAYING THAT! It’s about finding what truly works for you, in your life right now! And I do this deliberately and mindfully, by shopping inside and outside my wardrobe. From within it, I share style tips, style ups, my personal collections, and the occasional purchase. All with the purpose to get you rethinking and reworking your own style, starting with pieces you already have in your wardrobe. I encourage the wearing of them, the accessorising of them, and the curating of them, so then, if a new item does make its way into your wardrobe, it suits you and your style! Which is why I created my “Studio” 😊 a fresh, minimal space to showcase pieces that I believe in! They are buy once and buy well. Garments and accessories that I would purchase myself, that I would wear all the time, have for many years, and that are all either from small, local or Australian brands and businesses. This is a my non-negotiable 😉 It’s been a really hard start to the millennium and one place that hurts are the small, local, family owned (I support mainly female) run businesses that sit online and on the local high street. While it is my aim to build a connection with them while showcasing their garments, I’m also creating awareness of an alternative place to shop, so that when you do mindfully add that stylish sparkly new thing, it can make a difference to the owner, who is usually a woman just like you or me. And that helps keep their dream alive, and your supporting me by watching, commenting and liking what I do keeps mine 😊 … now isn’t that the ultimate feel good?

And the showcasing began in my Studio in lockdown #3. Appropriate since SLS was launched in lockdown #1! First I presented a variety of clothes from the gorgeous online boutique Since I found You (my incredibly talented school friend Phillipa owns this) and then came another instalment from the House of Nicholetta (this time Greek dresses from the beautiful, generous and my first ever collaborator, Nicholetta ). I know what I do is primarily a business transaction, but it’s actually more than this. I really enjoy connecting with the owners of these small businesses to share their product. My aim is to showcase well made, reasonably priced garments that I would wear. I keep it informative yet personal, style the selected garments beautifully but casually, just as I would if they were mine. So if you can see yourselves in them too, you will choose to shop from these little businesses as well. It’s a win win 😊.

There are other Australian brands and businesses that (fingers crossed) you will see me showcase in my Studio. I’ve already shown you so much of them from within my wardrobe already, but I’d like to name them as their collaboration has got me to where I am already. They are Kiitos Living by Design (with the magnificent Maria at the helm of her gorgeous Greek linen brand), Deed Bags (owned by the super talented, and my fashionista bestie Emma), Talamaya (the zen Sheridan and her zen product that always make me feel so relaxed), Zia Lozen (whose gorgeous founder Zia trusted me in my early days), Hut Clothing (with the lovely Donna and her perfect linen shirt), Rebecca Thompson (the vivacious, iconic RT) and I Love That Necklace (with the impeccable Leisa and her chic clothes and accessories). Without them and their loan/gift of product, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I’ve done so far.

And of course, all this would not be possible if it wasn’t for you – the follower…but I simply can’t call you that 😩 You are so much more than this ladies, you are individuals, with your own style, who enjoy spending time looking in your own wardrobes (and others) to create that for yourselves! Just like me 😊 and like me, you want to feel good in midlife, and your style is a part of that. We are more similar than different. And for you, I am forever grateful 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Sarah xx

SIGNATURE STYLE: My Necklace Constitution…

I always look forward to collaborating on style with Cindy Hattersley Design and this month we are talking necklaces! One of our favourite things to wear… and collect 😉 we both love a statement, have had pieces for years and use them to define our signature style.

In my wardrobe, I wear three types of necklaces, the long dangly kind, a structured bib style and my signature jewels (heirloom pieces, that have been inherited). These are in a mix of materials such as wood, stone and metal, all neutral in tone and interestingly, I own very few in colour 🤔 The first falls from around the neck usually finishing with a pendant mid body, just above my bellybutton. While I adore this for it’s casual relaxed look, it also helps reshape my proportions. When worn on a dress, this not only draws attention to the smallest part of my frame (my waist), it also happens to elongate my legs by finishing just above my long waist. My bibs also aid in redefining my proportions. This necklace ties around the neck like a collar and tends to cover quite a significant area of my chest. Being big (on my frame), they help balance out my larger bottom half and because they are quite statement, draw the eye up to my smaller top half and away from my larger lower. Who’d have thought an accessory can have such an effect? But that’s not the reason why I wear them, I wear them because: 1) they are what I am attracted to, 2) they feel right on me …and (like my signature jewels- which do nothing to alter my proportions), 3) I love them 😊

When I wear which style can be determined by the weather. On warmer days I favour longer looser necklaces as my clothes are often less structured and suited to this style. I also don’t want anything too heavy around my neck, strangling me in the heat! On cooler days, it’s the opposite. A chunky bib necklace can make quite the statement over a crew or v neck. Because of this, all my necklaces get worn, I never tire of them, and they constantly change up my outfits. Last year, during lockdown, I started styling on IGTV and used all of them far too liberally! In fact, I admit, on occasion, for the sake of entertainment, I probably went a bit too far 😳. Wearing more than a few at a time, I experiment with the Iris “more is more and less is a bore” approach. But after taking a good hard look at where I want to take my style, it became quite obvious, that (on me) this bordered on costumery. And while I love the drama of this style on others, it isn’t really me. So, to counteract the overstyled look, I’ve come up with my own necklace constitution 😂 a few simple guidelines that I can follow to ensure my overall look appears more stylish:

  1. Consider the neckline of the clothing and choose a complimentary necklace shape/length. (I usually wear turtle, crew, and v necks, or small collars so this makes my three necklace types easy to wear).
  2. Pay attention to the pattern and print of the clothing. (If it is large in scale and busy- the focus will usually be on the clothes, so there is often no need for a necklace. If it is plain, it will probably benefit from a lovely one). THIS IS A RULE I CONSIDER BUT OFTEN BREAK ON A PRINTED MAXI DRESS.
  3. When making a statement with a bib necklace, it should sit by itself. (I rarely go for a matching set of necklace and earrings – so I will choose a smaller complimentary earring, allowing the necklace to shine).
  4. Whether it long or short, one is good, two necklaces are company, but three is usually a crowd (I have a small frame so this makes sense).
  5. Steer clear of chokers. (On my short neck they do just that- choke me).
  6. When adding a waist belt (other than self tie), consider a fine necklace or no neckpiece option. (On me, no necklace and larger earrings are a much better look)- note hip belts are a whole other story!
  7. Avoid matching. Coordinate instead. Mix your metals and materials to create an eclectic look. (This is my challenge, as I love a bit of matchy-matchy 😉).
  8. Be aware of your overall appearance, making sure that what’s on your wrist (watch and bangle/bracelet) and sunglasses don’t over style the look!
  9. Feel free to experiment and break the constitution rules as you see fit 😂

This is a great guide I found online for which style of necklace works with which neckline. It’s rather traditional, but if you choose accordingly and then follow points 2-9 above, I think it makes sense.

So how does this translate in my own wardrobe? A picture tells a thousand words.., so follow left to right…On a dress without a belt (or a self tied one) I will usually wear long beads or a bib (which means on a dress with a statement belt, I usually go without). I wear small collars or none, so this allows for a bib-collar necklace to be placed over the top, a long dangly necklace to fall down over the placket, or an inherited signature necklace to shine with an unbuttoned look. If I wear a V neck, I may fill the space with a similar shaped bib, or again, cover it entirely. If you’d like to see more ideas, please watch my latest IGTV on “Collections – the bib style necklace” 😊

But what about with jeans and pants? I go back to my guidelines. If the blouse I choose is tucked and there is no belt I may wear one or two. Like in the image below. If I had added a belt, I would have gone with my small signature jewel. Below right is a bib style necklace I picked up on EBay, worn with a tucked white tee, my fave linen pants and a second hand utility jacket (from my daughter’s wardrobe). If I wore the top untucked and loose over the pants, I’d probably wear a longer dangly necklace. You get the idea. And I do too! In fact, that is why these looks and the way I wear them have become a part of my signature style… 😉

Now, why not read about what necklaces Cindy likes to wear (and her signature style), by pressing here.

Sarah xx

Deliberate: done consciously and intentionally, careful and unhurried…

And this is my word of the year 🙏🏻 It succinctly describes how I will choose my wardrobe and it’s adventures this year. From what I wear each day, to what I style, to what and how I choose to purchase (and showcase) … all will be deliberate choices based on what I have, what I need and where I want this journey to go😉

With this is mind, I chose not to partake in any New Year Sales 😳 and chose instead to reexamine my wardrobe for what I needed. And this resulted in some deliberate purchases from two activewear brands. Both stores were local, but not small and only one Australian. Frustrating as that is, I simply can’t buy these clothes from online sites. I need to try before I buy!

Ideally, there is a long list of how I like my activewear wardrobe to look: a warm down puffer coat ✅, a puffer vest with detachable hood (needs to be replaced), 3 x long thicker leggings for Winter (I have one), 3 x 7/8 leggings for Spring/Autumn, 3 x 3/4 leggings for Summer, 3 long sleeve tees(got 2/3), 3 x singlets (still need 1), 3 pairs of socks✅ and 2 pairs of cross training shoes (need replacement). I rarely go out and purchase all at once, but it’s been a while so I did in fact, purchase three items, which I’m happy to report completes my need for 3/4 and 7/8 leggings. And these are my fave pair:

I’ve delved quite deeply into my style this month, focusing on what suits me and my lifestyle. This allows any purchases I make to be deliberate and intentional. There really is nothing worse than buying or styling just for the sake of it. That means nothing to you or me. And i’m all about leading a meaningful life 😉 So far i’ve looked at my linen skirts, denim jacket, trainers and my belts. These are items that are timeless, ageless and great pieces to collect. Hence the “Collections” series. They are items I will always look at picking up any time of the year if the right style, fit and colour comes along. Watch this space for some new trainers!

No longer in lockdown, I do find myself with a social commitment (or two) each week. They are usually casual affairs, but it has been nice to plan the outfits ahead of time with my “Good, Better, Best” series. This not only creates the look well in advance (taking any stress involved away) but also creates looks for future events. It allows me to consciously rotate what I wear and choose pieces that I haven’t worn that month, this upping the number of times an item gets worn. I’m still aiming for 30 wears a piece 😉 and am happy to say that since starting my Instagram page, I’m certainly getting there.

Focusing on style that suits my shape is one way of consciously shopping. This month I looked at face shape and earrings. Having a round face I have decided to let go of wearing a hoop and now wear more a drop or chandelier. I featured this on an IGTV, and can honestly say, when I look back at video of myself, I can see when it looks right or wrong.

I had a wonderful collaboration event with a small Australian linen label called Kiitos Living by Design. I was invited down to Barwon Heads to their main store to share my love of the product and how to style it. A new experience for me and something moving forward I am going to say yes to. It was wonderful to see a few followers pop in to say “hi” and to support this small local business.

Around the middle of the month, I launched an additional blogpost. Called SIGNATURE STYLE, it is a collaboration with a muse of mine 🙏🏻. Cindy Hattersley is an incredibly stylish and experienced blogger and I’m thrilled to be a part of her style world. This blog will be dedicated to the style in our wardrobe. This month it was “How I found my Signature Style”… you will have to wait until mid month to find out what February’s feature will be 😉

I’ve also started to focus on tweaking my style moving forward. While I will always wear a collected look, I’m currently playing with the idea of parring it down, wearing a more casual ensemble, adding less volume, focusing on coordination as opposed to matching, styling tonally, and fingers crossed 🤞🏻 the finished result is beautiful and unhurried. I’m looking in a more refined direction. This may mean I’m in my wardrobe less, but please be reassured I’m here behind the scenes, deliberately creating 😉.

Sarah xx