SIGNATURE STYLE: The Crossbody Bag

If I had to choose my favourite type of bag, it would be the crossbody. I wonder if it’s yours? They are everywhere! And the reason for their popularity, is, I think, you can simply pop your phone, wallet, keys and lipstick in and off you go! Hands free! The funny thing is, I don’t really remember their popularity growing up. I remember bags their size, but they were more often worn on the shoulder. And if one was worn across the body, it was referred to as a traveller, a utility or messenger bag. And it was large with lots of pockets and zips. Anyone else remember them? ….. regardless, because of its practicality, the cross body bag is here to stay so lets check out a few of my current favourites…

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I know I’ve featured a few options of crossbody bags over the last few blogs, you can go back and read about the most recent here . So today I might just share a few more obscure ones that I’ve recently come across. All are leather, my material of choice for most crossbody bags, and especially now for my AW22.

Tiggy by Cuddington is an ethical Australian leather bag company who uses craftsmanship in their vintage inspired designs. I don’t own one, but certainly adore their aesthetic. They remind me of one my Mum owned in the 70s… lots of embossing, stamps and stitch details. I prefer the smaller bags but there are larger like my Mum’s.

Mimco is a company that began in Melbourne. Since its 1996 inception, it has changed ownership, but is still synonymous with great quality classic but on-trend designs. A little more urban than the Tiggy’s above.

And then there’s a bag that I always pop in and look at when I walk past Morrison. It’s available in three shapes and two colours, black and tan. I just love the beaded handle that hangs when the canvas strap is used across the body. And it has the added bonus of being handmade in Sydney.

And it wouldn’t be SIGNATURE STYLE if I didn’t feature a couple of my own crossbody bags. Like most of us, I have a collection. This is by no means them in their entirety, but perhaps my most worn….

Which is why I am always interested in adding to it 😉 my most recent crossbody is a vintage Bally. A purchase made to deliberately coordinate with my gold shoe obsession 😂 …. how divine is this! And as its vintage circa 1990, it proves that crossbody bags were around back then….

What I have also done in the past is create my own bag out of a belt and pouch.

And I often create temporary crossbody bags out of ”envelope clutches” if I find it the best option for coordinating an outfit (and if you do watch, safety pins and stitching in a fabric panel have been suggested as a fix 😉):

And as for the said crossbody straps, yes, I am building up a collection of those too! My fave by far is the one below, that I attached to my handmade Greek Lulu by Liana shoulder bag to convert it into a crossbody 😊

You can buy designer straps at most retail stores, but as I prefer no branding, I shop ebay 😉

On that note…lets see what Cindy and Kim’s preferred Crossbody Bag SIGNATURE STYLE is…



Sarah xx


  1. cynthiahattersley · May 18, 2022

    Sarah I am crazy about that Lululianak bag in that very color. It is so unusual. I love a crossbody as long as they are big enough and I do like a sturdy stap! Those skinny little straps scare me. I am always so intrigued with your styling and so love hearing about the Australian brands that we do not see here in the states. Great post as always!!

  2. LA CONTESSA · May 18, 2022


  3. norcalstyle · May 18, 2022

    Sarah you are so brilliant! I’ve been thinking how I could attach a strap to my clutches and this is a great way when they have no loops. Love the idea of ordering a long guitar strap and a resin one too. So many cool bags already on the planet, we might see what we can make of what is out there or in the closet before splurging on new. They will feel new! Love the big strap on pretty woven bag for fall! Also thanks for sharing these under the radar companies. You are so good about that and I love it. x Kim

  4. Juliet · May 18, 2022

    Huge fan of the cross body … and you’re so clever to find ways to convert them. I adore your Lulu bag with new strap. Yay. My favorite of all favorites bag is a tote, but what a pain in the neck they are at the grocery store, etc. Love the idea of turning an envelope clutch into a cross body … so good for weddings and things where holding a glass, an appetizer and a bag is circus trick I can’t pull off. As usual, I learn something new from you! xo

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