It’s that time again… SIGNATURE STYLE with Cindy, Kim and me! And this month each of us dive into the style of skirts…

If you asked me if I wear skirts, I’d say “sometimes”. If you asked me if I like them, I’d say “sort of”. If you asked me if I owned any, I’d say a couple. So when I actually went into my wardrobe to take a deeper dive, it was a surprise to me that I actually own nine!!! What is no surprise is that they are all in natural fabrics: Linen, Cotton and Leather 🤍. (Although I did own, until recently, a couple in polyester, but in a deliberate move to try and create the perfect sustainable wardrobe, I cleared them out by selling them and donating the funds to charity).

SS2018 Shanty Corporation Linen gathered waist skirt with a high low hem in Natural

I am the biggest fan of linen, so much so, I featured “linen skirts” as my first episode on my 2020 IGTV Series “Collections” I love the way linen feels against the skin, the fact it breaths beautifully in hot weather, softens when worn and washed, and that it always looks so Euro-chic! Above is a favourite linen skirt of mine. A Shanty Corporation linen gathered skirt. I picked it up on sale a few years ago and took it on an overseas trip. I find the creases in linen perfect for a summer holiday. It relaxes me 😂 I let go of trying to feel so “perfectly ironed and pulled together” and I just take it easy and go with the flow…. I think it looks wonderful with white, whether it be a singlet, tshirt or shirt (and a little fake tan). Press here for a similar updated alternative. There is something about linen that looks understated and elegant. Perhaps it’s the timeless, ageless sustainability of the fabric! So it’s no surprise my linen skirt collection now totals four…

And then we come to my leather skirt. A buy once, buy well purchase. I can’t imagine there will ever be a time without it in my wardrobe. I adore it. The colour is incredible. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is superb. I feel good about the fact that it’s 100% ethically sourced leather, and from a socially responsible Scandinavian label Gestuz. I found it at a wonderful samples store that I frequent called The Wooden Hangar. They are primarily a fashion agency who distribute amazing European labels to high end boutiques. But the benefit to we the consumer, is that they sell off their samples to the public at a fraction of the price! If you live in Melbourne, there are two stores under their name and an online samples store called Faith which also has an outlet. A great store to keep popping into for European style inspiration. I think there is a size 12 still available here. Press here for a black ethical alternative.

So while my skirt styles vary, I do wear them mostly in Summer. And while I’m not actively looking for another, there is one type of skirt that currently eludes me: the denim skirt! This is one that I will keep my eye out for, and until I find it, here is a little luxe inspo:

My fave is actually the tiered Chloe! It’s divine and looks like a much lighter denim than the others. I also think it would look the best with flats! Out of my reach for the moment 😂, it has inspired me to wait until I find the perfect design ! Although, this one has caught my eye on :

But is it just right? The style is, but the shaded denim isn’t. The old Sarah would have said, but it’s only $30 and placed a bid…but now I don’t! In fact, how I look at anything I purchase now, is that it must be absolutely stunning in my eyes, not just okay 😑, looking at adding new garments like this means I actually buy less and wear more of what I have! Not to mention when I do find it, all the money I will have saved on “okay” purchases will have piled up so I can say yes! Mindfully purchasing ☺️ (and mindfully styling) That’s part of my SIGNATURE STYLE…. Now, go read what style of skirts interest:



And then watch my introduction (full video on Insta later today 😉) to my skirts collection here:

Sarah x


  1. cindy · August 4, 2021

    We so share the love of linen and natural fabrics. I don’t even really carry a banner about them I just love the way they look and feel. You have such great style Sarah I so admire you and am thankful that we are doing this together.

  2. Kim Wheeler (@NorCalStyle) · August 4, 2021

    Sarah loved this post. I so need to add linen to my skirt collection. Linen just makes me happy when I’m wearing it! Your denim choices are beautiful. I agree about the Chloe skirt! I love the way you are shopping now. I need to do this too. If it’s not an item your in love with..why add it? Why not wait for the right pieces and have a closet of beautiful things you adore? This is why we have so much clothing waste too. That leather skirt is one of those dream pieces! What a find. This was a fun collaboration for me. I had skirts and I needed a few..I don’t wear them as much as I should and this week I’ve been wearing them everyday and loving it! I can’t wait to watch your skirt video tomorrow! xo Kim

  3. sarahlondonstyle · August 4, 2021

    Thanks Kim 🙏🏻 I love your skirt style! So I’m glad you like mine 😉

  4. sarahlondonstyle · August 4, 2021

    Thanks Cindy 🙏🏻 you always look impeccably put together!

  5. LA CONTESSA · August 5, 2021

    I’m going to go count my skirts now too!
    I don’t have that many either.
    I’m more a TEAM DRESS but anything that hits the floor I ADORE………..XXX

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  7. sarahlondonstyle · August 5, 2021

    That’s a great way to describe the skirt you like…one that hits the floor! Love that Elizabeth 😍

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