SIGNATURE STYLE: A Winter sombrero and berets!

It’s all in the handcrafted details of this Alberta Gomez Sombrero

Today on the blog I’ll be discussing Winter Hats, the ones I wear and a few I wouldn’t mind trying on my head now the weather definitely calls for them here in Melbourne! Cindy and Kim on the other hand, are in the throws of a heatwave, so will be putting their personal spin on Hats to wear in Summer… be sure to press the links at the end for their inspiring style!

I have to start by saying I have a love hate relationship with hats 😂 I do absolutely love them, especially when they are crafted to perfection, by means of design, material and detail! But on my head, this artistry can be a bit hit and miss! While there are many style guides out there on the best hat shapes for face shapes, I have found them contradictory and that trial and error is perhaps my best guide. I have a round face, so strictly speaking I should be trying to elongate my head and not flatten it. So a sombrero with a crown (mine below is 12cm) higher than the brim (mine below is 9cm) is perfect! And this handcrafted Mexican beauty of mine that is available in various colours and styles from Esplora Australia is perfection! This is a forever hat, one that deserves the best of care and a box of its own. Hand blocked in wool, it is one of only 600 hats that leaves its workroom in a little corner of Ocotlan de Morelos each month to be shipped to suppliers globally. I consider it a piece of art.

If I do intend to elongate my face in a hat, strictly speaking I should steer away from the snug head hugging type, but I find there is so much to love about this type of hat! The beret has been worn for centuries, from the floppy felt peasant, to stiffened military, to chic Parisian and everything in between, (including the tam’o shanter – which I wore as part of my Winter school uniform 😂). A beret is definitely my go to for Winter. Because it is just so easy to pop on and style in so many ways. It can be worn over the forehead, back on the crown, over the ears, behind them, straight or on a slant. And that’s before you come to the different types! Regardless of the material or style, I always tend to wear my hair down. In my personal collection I have a khaki cotton one that I have been wearing for about 10 years and a recent rabbit fur beret from House of Nicholetta. The latter is available in 4 colours!

A rare glimpse of me with my girls circa 2012!

This Winter I invested in a wool pom-pom beret in one of my favourite colours, Navy! It’s a stunning slouchy knitted beret made from certified pure merino wool. Knitted in a geometric cable stitch with a cute pom-pom at the top, it’s finished with a rib band. It is the loveliest of textures and although sold out in Navy it is also available in burgundy and cream. It’s called The Clover and is from Australian hat and bag label Helen Kaminski. It has started to get very cold here in Melbourne, so it’s time to add a warm layer to our heads.

My HK Clover Beret

Helen Kaminski is an Australian hat and bag designer, who started by making raffia hats to protect her children from the harsh Aussie sun in 1983. Her love of natural fibre lead to her selling the raffia hats and then bags. While the company has grown, and Helen has stepped back, the quality remains and its now renowned worldwide! The brand is synonymous with natural fibres, craftsmanship and sustainability. It’s a definite go to… and here is what else has caught my eye (Winter Hat Wise) on the website 😉

Bisque Traders also have a great range of rabbit skin hats that are made in Australia. They have an aged and well worn appearance, very “Buffalo Girls”! I adore the stitch details, the imperfections, and that “I just got off a horse” look ! Very cool indeed 😎

When it comes to buying Winter hats, I am no expert, but what I have learnt is that if you stick to what you love and in colours that suit you around your face, chances are you can make them work! So if you aren’t a hat wearer, I do encourage you to give it a try 😉 They certainly ooze style!

Summer hats are a different story for me, and while I’ll save that for another season, you don’t have to wait as my Northern Hemisphere gal pals are onto it 😊 Please click on the links below to see what has caught their eye…




  1. LA CONTESSA · July 7, 2021


  2. sarahlondonstyle · July 7, 2021

    Thanks so much Elizabeth. They are such fun to add to what you are wearing!

  3. cindy · July 8, 2021

    Sorry I am so late to the party!! You look absolutely fabulous in hats. I too love Helen Kaminski. They last forever they are so well made. BUT that Alberta Gomez number is to die for!! Love you in the jacket scarf and beret as well you just have great style what can I say!!

  4. sarahlondonstyle · July 8, 2021

    No need to apologise! I’m glad you are so busy living your life! Thanks for the compliments and the opportunity to do this once a month, it’s so much fun!

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