SIGNATURE STYLE: Resort Wear 101 🦀🐬☀️

How exciting is this months “Signature Style” ? Resort Wear! The very sound of it conjures up walks along the beach, reading by the pool, sleep ins, dinners out, and if you are like me… a little holiday shopping ☺️ I wonder what it means to Cindy from Cindy Hattersley Design and Kim from Northern California Style? Be sure to press the links at the end of my post for further inspiration 😉

And what it conjures up, and what you plan to do, is really how you should pack! That way, you can pack light when you travel. All I need is a small carry on suitcase and a multipurpose tote for 2 weeks away in the Sun ☀️. That way I always return with everything worn 😊 … And my little secret to having the perfect resort wear is colour coordination (or mix and match as some call it). I’ve even been known to pack by a colour palette (I’ve packed Whites, Blues and Brights in the past – see “Brights” pics above).

For walks along the beach I will pack one activewear outfit (something I can easily hand wash and dry in my room each day) and a casual trainer (make sure you wear them in beforehand). Choosing a simple white pair can double up as a day shoe with dresses, as well as be your travelling shoe, so as to reduce the bulk in your suitcase. And chances are I’ll be barefoot on the sand anyway 😊

Reading by the pool will require a fab swimsuit, hat, sunglasses and sarong. I currently own two one piece and usually alternate each holiday. I have one in black/white and another in red. With these I have opted for a high neck but I love the idea of an off the shoulder with tummy control, like the one below. I have a great neutral packable wide brim hat that I wear whenever in the sun. It has a bendable rim, allowing it to be worn wide or curled like a cowboy hat. Very cool 😎 Glasses are also a must to shade the glare and again a neutral can work with anything. I particularly like these sunglasses from Vilo Australia, it is a small sustainable Australian Wooden Frame Sunglass Company who ditch the plastic, have a sunglass recycling and a give back program … OMG! I want all these 😆

And a simple carry on scarf can double up as a sarong (or is that the other way around).. not to mention, the Bec from Get Robed could also be worn out to the beach bar in the evening as it comes with robe ring and tie. And as it’s easy dry, could even be used as a towel. I do believe investing in such a piece that can be used as all of the above is definitely a worthwhile investment! Something else for my wish list!

Sleep ins, dinner’s out and holiday shopping are what fill the rest of my case except for sunscreen and minimal toiletries – I don’t wear much makeup when away, just mascara and a lip to cheek 💋. (It’s actually a great opportunity to give your skin a chance to breathe and even indulge it with some spa treatments!). I must say I do love to spend time lounging around on a beach facing balcony, reading, writing and sipping tea…so I always include a cotton dressing gown in my sleepwear. Just like this one on Etsy… and as it is a Kimono, it can be styled as a duster over loose pants and singlet too ☺️

And then we come to dresses, my favourite item to pack! But I always keep some space for a new one (or two) that I may pick up while I’m away. Nothing too formal, just breathable, airy and cool 😎. And I always include one WOW dress when I pack, for that extra special evening out! And I adore my pink kaftan below! It’s old season and a one size fits all (AU 8-14), but the brand is Miss June Paris and they are available worldwide💕. Here are a couple of inspirational ones available from some Ethical Australian Brands that ship worldwide:

In addition, I always take a pair of havianas (mine are a rose gold), a pair of open toe slides (in tan – keeping them neutral, they will work with everything) and a low espadrille heel sandal. And one clutch. And that’s all I really need for a week or two at a resort 😉 now I have my packing sorted, I just need somewhere to go 😂 but perhaps Cindy and Kim will be travelling soon? Why not find out, by pressing the links below…




  1. cynthiahattersley · June 11, 2021

    You look darling in that pink caftan. This was a great post. I love that kimono/robe from Etsy. My nightwear is pathetic! I have become infatuated with Australian style and all things Australia thanks to you! Just love your style!

  2. Gretchen · June 11, 2021

    Oh Sarah, the memories of travel 😎 and as always so mindful of packing right. Gxx

  3. sarahlondonstyle · June 11, 2021

    Thanks Cindy. I do try to search out less known brands that still ship worldwide!

  4. sarahlondonstyle · June 11, 2021

    I’m a little obsessed that way 😂 always trying to perfect the wardrobe for any occasion! I’m seriously thinking about these bathers, although I have no where to wear the, yet!

  5. Kim Wheeler (@NorCalStyle) · June 11, 2021

    Sarah what an excellent guide for what you really need on a getaway. That pink caftan is such a gem! As they say always pack a party frock and that is a gorgeous one. I like the kimono idea and using it as a duster. I have never seen a convertible piece like that leopard one from The Bec, but I am checking it out. I love the one shouldered swimsuit in khaki- and that whole tan look. Packing in a color scheme is so smart and I tried to do that this time in white and blue. Everything works with everything else! I love doing this with you ladies and Sarah I learn so much from all your videos and tips! xo

  6. LA CONTESSA · June 12, 2021

    LOVE THE CAFTAN!I recall I looked into buying it!

  7. sarahlondonstyle · June 19, 2021

    Glad you agree 🙏🏻

  8. sarahlondonstyle · June 19, 2021

    I learn so much from you too! In fact, I look up to you, so thank you for your kind comments Kim 🙏🏻

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