A deliberate pivot …

Peponi Hotel, Lamu circa 1995 facing Shela Beach complete with Dhows 💙

I can’t believe that I’ve already published 12 posts on this blog (and on May 11 it will be 12 months since my first IGTV 😉) What started as a “feel good” narrative on my styling journey is now a lovely way to share my shop small, shop local, shop Australian business message to a wider audience. But what I’ve found doing both, is that as my style evolves, my message does too, and it’s time to reflect on what that was, is and will be…. 🙏🏻

You know I like to wear my clothes repeatedly (aiming for at least 30 wears a garment), I have many pieces that are very old, I buy new items for the long term (knowing I want to be wearing them for years to come) and when I do buy I look for quality fabrics and well cut garments in timeless styles. And while I’m hesitant to use the words “sustainable” and “ethical” about my style (I prefer mindful 😉) I can honestly say these words are now at the front of my mind and have been for a while. Last month I purchased a pair of jeans which (I thought) was neither, and although I love how they look and feel on me, I didn’t really like the way they made me feel when I bought them 🤔 So I decided to do some some research, and I discovered that the company I bought them from, is in fact a lot more caring about the planet than I thought. Their story respects human rights, sources responsibly, and addresses living wages in their offshore factories. In fact, they have so much information on their site about how they have and are making sustainable and ethical decisions that it got me feeling good about the purchase… which has me thinking that I should adopt this approach too!

So while reflecting about last months shares, I am thrilled to say I featured a sustainable and ethical brand. Frockk is a small Australian company, who design here but have their garments ethically made in the villages of Bali. They support a wonderful group of sewers, talented fabric printers and dyers who all work comfortably from their homes, not factories! Frockk sustainably source natural fibres, with a strong focus on linen (the ultimate sustainable fabric) and produce limited quantities, making their designs unique. Their colour palette is muted and their styles are ageless. All of which results in a beautiful product that you will wear for a lifetime. I was lucky enough to meet with the owner, Kathryn, in her small boutique and then share two skirts in my studio. Aren’t they lovely? 💚💚

Another wonderful brand I shared is Ali Lamu 💙. Although not Australian, they are distributed in Australia by Esplora. Ali Lamu is a hand and heart made company that recycles dhow sails into bags and paints them (truly sustainable) all by hand. Each item is bespoke, unique and ethically made in the village of Shela on the small island of Lamu off the Kenyan coast. So far, I have a pouch, a clutch and a tote, although I’m sure my collection will grow. I adore the handcrafted up-cycled element, not to mention the heartfelt message on each, plus, it’s where I honeymooned (see top photo.. not the best, but it was pre-digital 😂). So when I use these bags I am transported back to a beautiful place and time. Trust me when I say that these bags are just as magical as the location they are made (Shela Beach is by far, the most beautiful unspoiled beach I have ever been to). We are so lucky to have companies like Esplora who roam the planet to find such treasures and share them with us 🙏🏻

And these two sustainable and ethical brands are examples of what I would like to “deliberately”share from now on. Of course I will remain loyal to those small businesses that have supported me from the start, but I will be more inquisitive about their stock. So now, I find myself editing my shop small, shop local message from my intro to add these questions: Where are these clothes made?, by who? and are they paid fairly? And if the answer “feels” right with me, I may just purchase and share. It’s a deliberate pivot in my “feel good” direction 😉

Sarah xx


  1. Philippa · May 1, 2021

    Love it Sarah ,I feel the same way abs am now trying very hard to make sure my brands in store are too x

  2. sarahlondonstyle · May 1, 2021

    That is so lovely to hear. You would be far more knowledgeable than me in this area. I’m at the beginning of this never ending journey..

  3. Liz Fielding · May 2, 2021

    I enjoyed reading your blog Sarah. What a lovely story you have to tell.. I love that you’ve always been true to your style.

  4. sarahlondonstyle · May 2, 2021

    That’s a lovely compliment. Thank you Liz. Authenticity is everything in these platforms. Not to mention, how important it is in the real world 🙏🏻

  5. LA CONTESSA · May 5, 2021

    Excellent Post!
    I buy brands that are made locally here or made by Women across the Globe!Have you been introduced to Coastandkoi on Instagram!!Flat shoes made by hand……down the rabbit hole I went♥️
    Those Honeymoons were decades ago for me but sailing the Meditteraian was Heaven♥️

  6. sarahlondonstyle · May 5, 2021

    Thank you for the heads up! I love that you buy from women across the globe ( I may have to incorporate that 😉- credit to you of course!) and to sail the Mediterranean sounds dreamy 💙

  7. LA CONTESSA · May 7, 2021

    ONLY if you donot get sea sick!

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