Hello Ladies, welcome to my Studio 😉

The SLS Collaboration Studio, featuring Since I found You

Hello ladies, welcome to my studio! A new concept I launched this month. And I am so grateful to one of my collaborator’s for planting the seed for its creation, my great girlfriend Jackie 😘 for loaning me the vintage mannequin (isn’t she gorgeous? I’ve named her Lady J😉), a little online shopping for my clothes rack and a pre-lockdown dash to source a trusty rug! That’s all I needed (and a spare room) to take my hobby-cum-side hustle to the next level – a small brand 😊 Well, that’s what I like to think I’m doing. Taking Sarah London Style with all its “feel good in midlife vibes” somewhere different, and I’m so excited about where that may be!

So who and what is the SLS brand? Well, it’s simply me 😊 and it’s what I stand for in my wardrobe, on my blog and my social media channels. I’m on all except Twitter 😉. And if you’re a long time reader of my blog, the following will reiterate what you already know. I am a 50 something woman who’s aim is to feel good. And my style has become a big part of that! Not the fancy super influencer kind, but the “I’m stepping out in something that has the shape, colour and style to make me feel good” kind. Everyday style for everyday women somewhere in midlife, all over the world. I LOVE SAYING THAT! It’s about finding what truly works for you, in your life right now! And I do this deliberately and mindfully, by shopping inside and outside my wardrobe. From within it, I share style tips, style ups, my personal collections, and the occasional purchase. All with the purpose to get you rethinking and reworking your own style, starting with pieces you already have in your wardrobe. I encourage the wearing of them, the accessorising of them, and the curating of them, so then, if a new item does make its way into your wardrobe, it suits you and your style! Which is why I created my “Studio” 😊 a fresh, minimal space to showcase pieces that I believe in! They are buy once and buy well. Garments and accessories that I would purchase myself, that I would wear all the time, have for many years, and that are all either from small, local or Australian brands and businesses. This is a my non-negotiable 😉 It’s been a really hard start to the millennium and one place that hurts are the small, local, family owned (I support mainly female) run businesses that sit online and on the local high street. While it is my aim to build a connection with them while showcasing their garments, I’m also creating awareness of an alternative place to shop, so that when you do mindfully add that stylish sparkly new thing, it can make a difference to the owner, who is usually a woman just like you or me. And that helps keep their dream alive, and your supporting me by watching, commenting and liking what I do keeps mine 😊 … now isn’t that the ultimate feel good?

And the showcasing began in my Studio in lockdown #3. Appropriate since SLS was launched in lockdown #1! First I presented a variety of clothes from the gorgeous online boutique Since I found You (my incredibly talented school friend Phillipa owns this) and then came another instalment from the House of Nicholetta (this time Greek dresses from the beautiful, generous and my first ever collaborator, Nicholetta ). I know what I do is primarily a business transaction, but it’s actually more than this. I really enjoy connecting with the owners of these small businesses to share their product. My aim is to showcase well made, reasonably priced garments that I would wear. I keep it informative yet personal, style the selected garments beautifully but casually, just as I would if they were mine. So if you can see yourselves in them too, you will choose to shop from these little businesses as well. It’s a win win 😊.

There are other Australian brands and businesses that (fingers crossed) you will see me showcase in my Studio. I’ve already shown you so much of them from within my wardrobe already, but I’d like to name them as their collaboration has got me to where I am already. They are Kiitos Living by Design (with the magnificent Maria at the helm of her gorgeous Greek linen brand), Deed Bags (owned by the super talented, and my fashionista bestie Emma), Talamaya (the zen Sheridan and her zen product that always make me feel so relaxed), Zia Lozen (whose gorgeous founder Zia trusted me in my early days), Hut Clothing (with the lovely Donna and her perfect linen shirt), Rebecca Thompson (the vivacious, iconic RT) and I Love That Necklace (with the impeccable Leisa and her chic clothes and accessories). Without them and their loan/gift of product, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I’ve done so far.

And of course, all this would not be possible if it wasn’t for you – the follower…but I simply can’t call you that 😩 You are so much more than this ladies, you are individuals, with your own style, who enjoy spending time looking in your own wardrobes (and others) to create that for yourselves! Just like me 😊 and like me, you want to feel good in midlife, and your style is a part of that. We are more similar than different. And for you, I am forever grateful 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Sarah xx


  1. LA CONTESSA · March 2, 2021

    I think I saw somewhere you had an ANNIVERSARY!CONGRATULATIONS!I am little bit ahead of you with 35 years this JULY!How is that even POSSIBLE I still feel like I’m 20!But my body says,” NO HONEY YOU ARENOT TWENTY~SOMETHING ANYMORE!”I love your LOOK and sense of STYLE…….I think you are fairly short the fact you wear LONG MAXI dresses and KAFTANS makes me so HAPPY!!!AS MOST YOUR SIZE FEEL THEY CANNOT WEAR THEM!WHY IS THAT DO YOU KNOW?
    I contacted one of these shops last week wanting the GREEK KAFTAN but NO LUCK!
    SO you started during the PANDEMIC ALL OF THIS ONLINE STUFF!I don’t do TWITTER EITHER!!!!!!NEVER INTERESTED ME for some reason.
    Now I want to know how you came up with your name?SARAH LONDON STYLE as I thought LONDON was your last name and you do not live in LONDON!
    ALSO where in AUSTRALIA are you located?I have friends close to MELBOURNE…..and WEST GISSPSLAND.

  2. sarahlondonstyle · March 2, 2021

    Thank you so much for reading! And for such a long lengthy comment. Where to start? I’m in Melbourne. I’ve been here for about 30 years. I married a Melbourne Boy! But we met in my hometown of Perth (which I still have a soft spot for). The name is a pseudonym.. a play on my last name in fact! It was created about 15 years ago, when I had an Interior Design Business. So I just kinda kept it going.. plus, I have a strong English Heritage. I’m an Aussie but wasn’t born here! It’s funny about the maxi and height. My Mum has always worn them and she’s as short as me. So I’ve never really thought not to. Love that you and the Italian have been married for 35 years.. so inspiring 🙏🏻

  3. LA CONTESSA · March 2, 2021

    I know two different JANES THERE!
    One is a massage therapist she does in her home on HAWTHORNE STREET which is an old HOUSE.
    Then there is ANITA with VUE AT JINDIVICK look her up on instagram!They just rented their house out in MELBOURNE and have a B& B going in WEST GISSPLAND…….I’m not spelling that right!
    DO you know a Sarah CARTER by chance!?

  4. sarahlondonstyle · March 2, 2021

    I’m afraid I don’t know any of those people but I’m sure I know someone who does. 6 degrees of separation and all that 🤣

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