Deliberate: done consciously and intentionally, careful and unhurried…

And this is my word of the year 🙏🏻 It succinctly describes how I will choose my wardrobe and it’s adventures this year. From what I wear each day, to what I style, to what and how I choose to purchase (and showcase) … all will be deliberate choices based on what I have, what I need and where I want this journey to go😉

With this is mind, I chose not to partake in any New Year Sales 😳 and chose instead to reexamine my wardrobe for what I needed. And this resulted in some deliberate purchases from two activewear brands. Both stores were local, but not small and only one Australian. Frustrating as that is, I simply can’t buy these clothes from online sites. I need to try before I buy!

Ideally, there is a long list of how I like my activewear wardrobe to look: a warm down puffer coat ✅, a puffer vest with detachable hood (needs to be replaced), 3 x long thicker leggings for Winter (I have one), 3 x 7/8 leggings for Spring/Autumn, 3 x 3/4 leggings for Summer, 3 long sleeve tees(got 2/3), 3 x singlets (still need 1), 3 pairs of socks✅ and 2 pairs of cross training shoes (need replacement). I rarely go out and purchase all at once, but it’s been a while so I did in fact, purchase three items, which I’m happy to report completes my need for 3/4 and 7/8 leggings. And these are my fave pair:

I’ve delved quite deeply into my style this month, focusing on what suits me and my lifestyle. This allows any purchases I make to be deliberate and intentional. There really is nothing worse than buying or styling just for the sake of it. That means nothing to you or me. And i’m all about leading a meaningful life 😉 So far i’ve looked at my linen skirts, denim jacket, trainers and my belts. These are items that are timeless, ageless and great pieces to collect. Hence the “Collections” series. They are items I will always look at picking up any time of the year if the right style, fit and colour comes along. Watch this space for some new trainers!

No longer in lockdown, I do find myself with a social commitment (or two) each week. They are usually casual affairs, but it has been nice to plan the outfits ahead of time with my “Good, Better, Best” series. This not only creates the look well in advance (taking any stress involved away) but also creates looks for future events. It allows me to consciously rotate what I wear and choose pieces that I haven’t worn that month, this upping the number of times an item gets worn. I’m still aiming for 30 wears a piece 😉 and am happy to say that since starting my Instagram page, I’m certainly getting there.

Focusing on style that suits my shape is one way of consciously shopping. This month I looked at face shape and earrings. Having a round face I have decided to let go of wearing a hoop and now wear more a drop or chandelier. I featured this on an IGTV, and can honestly say, when I look back at video of myself, I can see when it looks right or wrong.

I had a wonderful collaboration event with a small Australian linen label called Kiitos Living by Design. I was invited down to Barwon Heads to their main store to share my love of the product and how to style it. A new experience for me and something moving forward I am going to say yes to. It was wonderful to see a few followers pop in to say “hi” and to support this small local business.

Around the middle of the month, I launched an additional blogpost. Called SIGNATURE STYLE, it is a collaboration with a muse of mine 🙏🏻. Cindy Hattersley is an incredibly stylish and experienced blogger and I’m thrilled to be a part of her style world. This blog will be dedicated to the style in our wardrobe. This month it was “How I found my Signature Style”… you will have to wait until mid month to find out what February’s feature will be 😉

I’ve also started to focus on tweaking my style moving forward. While I will always wear a collected look, I’m currently playing with the idea of parring it down, wearing a more casual ensemble, adding less volume, focusing on coordination as opposed to matching, styling tonally, and fingers crossed 🤞🏻 the finished result is beautiful and unhurried. I’m looking in a more refined direction. This may mean I’m in my wardrobe less, but please be reassured I’m here behind the scenes, deliberately creating 😉.

Sarah xx


  1. Laura · February 1, 2021

    I love reading about your enthusiasm for your style, it’s wonderful to see

    Laura KAYA & LOX

  2. sarahlondonstyle · February 2, 2021

    I adore good style… on anyone 😉 Thank you for reading my little blog Laura.

  3. LA CONTESSA · February 4, 2021


  4. LA CONTESSA · February 4, 2021



  5. sarahlondonstyle · February 4, 2021

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting 🙏🏻 Such a compliment coming from you 😊

  6. sarahlondonstyle · February 4, 2021

    Yes it did! I just had to approve it 😉 and the time difference delays this 😩 sorry xx

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