September Feel Goods 😊…

With a clear desire to make my posts and vlogs mean something more, (and having more time on my hands than usual), this month I found myself offering my amateur styling services to small local businesses free of charge. Businesses that bring me joy, whose clothes I wear and who I would hate to see as Covid Casualties. I call it #giveback and it’s about the joy of sharing (and styling) what I love. And while it promotes them, it raises awareness of becoming mindful from who and why we buy, so if we do want a shiny new thing (and gosh I’m a sucker for that) we are aware that our choice can make a difference in keeping a brave small business owner’s dream alive. If you’re familiar with my Instagram you know who they are, but if you don’t, I’ll name them. The House of Nicholetta, Rebecca Thompson Fashion, Frankies Melbourne, and Kiitos Living by Design… and boy has this sharing of small and local made me feel good, so much so I’m going to continue it into October 😊

Kiitos Living by Design

Not quite ready to say hello to Summer, but definitely ready to say goodbye to Winter, I’ve been experimenting with a Spring transitional wardrobe. By placing items on a rack I plan on wearing, I’ve paired outfits I know will work, created new ones and and also looked at items that I would benefit from purchasing mindfully to streamline them all. In hindsight, this is probably best done in August to allow for delivery of any new pieces to complete it in time. Lesson learnt. But from it, I’ve come to realise that I now have everything I need for an Autumn transitional wardrobe for next year (which allows me the indulgence of honing in on my favourite things, accessories). Doing this the month before the end of each season, creates calm in your wardrobe. You know what fits, what works and what you can throw on easily. It also stops the need to constantly purchase new things, freeing up time and money … and that makes me feel so good 🙏🏻…. you can watch my Spring Transitional Wardrobe Series on the link below 😊 and feel free to follow along as I’ll be featuring my Summer Wardrobe series in late October.

This month I’m honoured to being featured as someone with “Ageless Style”. It’s on a US blog called Rough Luxe Lifestyle by designer Cindy Hattersley. You can read it in the link below 😊 What a happy dance of a moment this has been! To be recognised from my little page has made me feel so darn good! If you’ve read the previous blog, you’ll know it’s why I started this page. Feeling good is my everything, and that I can share what I love and have it well received by so many of you is wonderful. But to have a complete stranger from the other side of the world write about it, is truly amazing . I am so thankful for both 🙏🏻 So I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing, share snippets of beautiful things in my day while encouraging any of you out there, to do the same. I’ll follow you! Social media can be such an uplifting experience and there really is a wonderfully supportive community of likeminded women out there to cheer you all along 😊

Sarah xx

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